About Us

Established in the year 1999, ANIMATRIX MULTIMEDIA has emerged as one of the oldest and the most admired animation-VFX production houses in Easter part of India. From the inception ANIMATRIX focuses on the development and production of high-quality animated feature films and TV series as well as cooperate as producer, co-producer and service provider with other leading National and International animation companies. With an established clientele, ANIMATRIX provides an integrated value chain in the conceptualization, production and distribution of content and services across diverse media platforms.

Our Strengths

  • ANIMATRIX is one of the pioneers in the Indian animation      industry.
  • Unique knowledge of developing original Indian IP Content from     script to post production under a one umbrella which ensuring      great flexibility and on time delivery.
  • Continues 8 years since 2007 without a single week break     presence in the satellite channel ZEE TV Bangla as a producer     of animation project.
  • Supports the mega projects 500 episodes in dubbing and post     production job.
  • Experiences already in the bag of making more than 600     episodes.
  • More than 400 Home Video titles in the shelf.
  • Studio located at Kolkata, the heart of Indian art and culture.
  • Well-trained work force with quality work output
  • Well-rounded and managed team from script to post production.

Animatrix Success Mantra

Over the course of 14 years, It becomes a regular habit in ANIMATRIX to absorb updated technologies and its quick implementation, innovative process discovery, software selection and process optimization at project execution level as we have the shortest development cycles with the highest quality outcome. ANIMATRIX success mantra is very simple and it is a combination of,

Passionate Employees

The multi talented team of artists at ANIMATRIX is an essential part of what drives the energy of the studio. Our employees are passionate about their work and always try to achieve the most outstanding results, both for our clients but also for themselves, by pushing the bar higher on every project.

Vast Experience

ANIMATRIX's outstanding achievements are the result of the many years of experience we have in the field. ANIMATRIX has been involved in all forms of creation: pre production, sketching, drawing, animation through to computer generated animated characters, complex visual effects and post production, the team at ANIMATRIX understands every stage of production and gives the clients the necessary solutions for their visual needs.

Quality Execution

Over the last 14 years ANIMATRIX has provided quality digital animation, visual effects and post production jobs for major feature film projects, both for television and the silver screen as well as high end commercial projects. Using a highly developed pipeline, we carefully control all aspects of our work so our clients receive the highest quality results without compromising their vision, deadline and budget.

State of the Art Technology

ANIMATRIX is continuously updating its facilities to utilize state-of-the-art technology in every project. The computer animation unit predominately works with updated softwares. ANIMATRIX has also built its own Audio and Post production studio in order to accommodate dubbing, composting and editing the projects.

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