Whether animating a character or developing unique VFX, ANIMATRIX looks after every last detail. For each project, a carefully assembled ANIMATRIX team ensures that the client's experience is excellent from start to finish. A carefully balanced combination of the creative needs and technological solutions is tailor made to the requirements of each individual project without compromising performance. Our services include:

Concept Art

ANIMATRIX team is dedicated in creating innovative, imaginative concept art for the motion picture industry. We specialize in characters design, storyboards, and illustrations.


ANIMATRIX storyboard division always try to maintain perfection and detailing in time of making not only production storyboard which is used only for in-house production and for corresponding with the director and the director of photography but also making presentation storyboard which is used for presenting the film to the client sensing the requirement of the job.

Character Design

Projects require a wide variety of characters. They may have to perform roles that are not based in reality, using a recognizable voice, personality or physical attribute; they may be a slightly altered version of a known creature or they may be photo realistic, indistinguishable from existing animals. Using our team of in house creatives as well as internationally acclaimed freelance designers, we create the best character design to fit the story. Whatever your needs are; whether the character has to be a traditionally cel animated one, a photo realistic CG monster, or a totally believable animal, we will ready to provide!

VFX and Motion Graphics

Understanding of visual storytelling and VFX techniques we are in a unique position to offer our clients not only an incredibly efficient pipeline but also a new approach in this cutting edge medium. Using the VFX tricks we've learned, we create a stereo volume which helps the narrative or mood of a scene, always working within the budget whilst exceeding our client's expectations. ANIMATRIX also creates stereoscopic visual effects for live-action movies, rendering and compositing in a dual stream workflow.

2D Digital Animation:

Following the traditional classical animation rules, we animate characters using softwares. The drawings are scanned, cleanup and colored by a digital Ink & Paint system, animate and rendered for all formats, including FLASH, video or HD for theatrical 35mm prints.

3D Animation:

Combined with the many years of CG experience of the ANIMATRIX team, we repeatedly source international know-how from the world of 3D animation to provide up to date modeling, rigging and animation solutions for every need.

Editing & Compositing

Using updated Apple format, we cover all editing and compositing needs from dubbing to colour correction with from camera tracking to projection mapping; from character to set extension integration; from matte painting to complex multi layered compositing, everything is included in the workflow.

Shooting Supervision

We work in consultation with producers, directors and DOPs in technical breakdown meetings to maximize CG potential to suit script, budget and timing issues. To combine animation with life action, we also supervise the film shooting.

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